George Jorjadze

Prof., Dr. in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

Born 14 August, 1953, in Tbilisi, Georgia; Married with three children

Education1975 – 1978PhD student at the Depart.of Quantum Field Theory, Steklov Math. Inst., Moscow
1970 – 1975Student at the Physics Faculty of Tbilisi State University
Degrees 1997 Doctor of Science (Habilitation), Tbilisi State University
Thesis: Hamiltonian Reduction and Quantization on Symplectic Manifolds
1981Candidate of Science (PhD) Steklov Mathematical Institute, Moscow (1981)
PhD Thesis: Regular and Singular solutions of Liouville equation
Employment2011 – PresentProfessor, Free University of Tbilisi, Georgia
1997 – 2000Professor, Physics Faculty of Tbilisi State University
1987-1997Associated Professor, Physics Faculty of Tbilisi State University
1979 – PresentLeading Research Scientist, Dept. of Theor. Phys., Razmadze Math. Inst.
1986 – 1997Senior Research Scientist, Dept. of Theor. Phys., Razmadze Math. Inst.
1979 – 1986Junior Research Scientist, Dept. of Theor. Phys., Razmadze Math. Inst.

Long Term Professional Activities Abroad

2000 – 2003Research Scientist at DESY Zeuthen, Germany
2006 – 2009Research Scientist at Humboldt University of Berlin
2010 – PresentA Guest Scientist at Humboldt University of Berlin

Scientific Collaborations

1992 – 1993DIAS, Dublin
1997 – 2000INR Warsaw
1998 – 2003DEZY Zeuthen
2003 – 2005, 2013MPI, Potsdam
2000 – 2001NCSR, Athens
2004 – PresentHumboldt Univ. of Berlin
2005 – 2006ANL, Argon

Research Areas/Interests


Scientific Grants

Recent Papers

  1. M. Heinze, G. Jorjadze, L. Megrelidze, Isometry Group Orbit Quantization of Spinning Strings in AdS3×S^3, [arXiv:1410.3428[hep-th]].
  2. S. Frolov, G. Jorjadze, M.Heinze, J. Plefka, Static Gauge and Energy Spectrum of Single-mode Strings in AdS5×S^5, J. Phys. A. 47 (2014), [arXiv:1310.5052 [hep-th]].
  3. George Jorjadze, Chrysostomos Kalousios, Zurab Kepuladze, Quantization of AdS × S particle in static gauge, Class. Quant. Grav. 30 (2013)025015, [arXiv:1208.3833 [hep-th]].
  4. George Jorjadze, Jan Plefka, Jonas Pollok, Bosonic string quantization in static gauge, J. Phys. A 45 (2012) 485401, [arXiv:1207.4368 [hep-th]].
  5. Harald Dorn, George Jorjadze, Chrysostomos Kalousios, Jan Plefka, Coordinate representation of particle dynamics in AdS and in generic static spacetimes J. Phys. A 44 (2011) 095402, [arXiv:1011.3416 [hep-th]].
  6. H. Dorn, G. Jorjadze, C. Kalousios, L. Megrelidze, S. Wuttke, Vacuum type space-like string surfaces in AdS3×S^3, J. Phys. A 44 (2011) 025403, [arXiv: 1007.1204 [hep-th]].
  7. H. Dorn, N. Drukker, G. Jorjadze, C. Kalousios, Space-like minimal surfaces in AdS × S, JHEP 1004, 004 (2010), [arXiv: 0912.3829 [hep-th]].
  8. G. Jorjadze, Singular Liouville fields and spiky strings in R^1,2and SL(2,R), JHEP 0910, 092 (2009), [arXiv:0909.0350 [hep-th]].
  9. H. Dorn, G. Jorjadze, S. Wuttke, On spacelike and timelike minimal surfaces in AdSn, JHEP 0905, 048 (2009), [arXiv:0903.0977 [hep-th]].
  10. H. Dorn, G. Jorjadze, Operator approach to boundary Liouville theory, Annals Phys. 323, 2799 (2008), [arXiv:0801.3206 [hep-th]].


  1. The paper:"Bosonic string quantization in static gauge",
    G. Jorjadze, J. Plefka, J. Pollok,
    J. Phys. A 45 (2012) 485401 [arXiv:1207.4368 [hep-th]]
    has been selected for inclusion in the Journal of Physics A ``Highlights of 2012

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