Proceedings of Tbilisi A. Razmadze Mathematical Institute

Table of Contents, v. 88, 1988

R. Abdulaev.
On the necessary conditions for the Dirichlet problem to be solvable for the minimal surface equation in polygonal domains. (Russian), 88 (1988), 3-14
V. Paatashvili and A. Saginashvili.
On an approximate solution of one class of Noetherian eguattions. (Russian), 88 (1988), 15-26
V. Paatashvili and G. Khuskivadze.
On one application of the linear conjugation problem to the study of properties of the conformal mapping. (Russian), 88 (1988), 27-40
L. Chikvinidze.
On the analogue of the Muckenhoupt condition in domains with a quasi-conformal boundary. (Russian), 88 (1988), 41-58
T. Shaposhnikova.
Multiplicators in the space of Bessel potentials as traces of multiplicators in weighted classes. (Russian), 88 (1988), 59-63
N. Vekua.
The Hilbert boundary value problems for several unknown functions with rational coefficients. (Russian), 88 (1988), 64-68
N. Vekua and O. Meunargia.
On the factorization of some matrix functions. (Russian), 88 (1988), 69-74