Proceedings of Tbilisi A. Razmadze Mathematical Institute

Table of Contents, v. 145, 2007

B. Aqzzouz and M. EL Kadiri.
On the class of Frechet $b$-spaces, 145 (2007), 1-7 (pdf)
R. Bantsuri.
Solution of the mixed problem of plate bending for a multi-connected domain with partially unknown boundary in the presence of cyclic symmetry, 145 (2007), 9-22 (pdf)
R. Bantsuri and Sh. Mzhavanadze.
The mixed problem of the theory of elasticity for a rectangle weakened by unknown equiv-string holes, 145 (2007), 23-34 (pdf)
A. Kirtadze.
on some estimates of topological weights of left-invariant measures on uncountable solvable groups, 145 (2007), 35-41 (pdf)
T. Kopaliani.
A note on strong maximal operator in $L^{p(\cdot)}(\mathbb{R}^{n})$ spaces, 145 (2007), 43-46 (pdf)
S. Kukudzhanov.
On the stability of orthotropic cylindrical shells, 145 (2007), 47-62 (pdf)
Y. Sawano.
Atomic decomposition for the modulation space $M_{p,q}^s$ with $0145 (2007), 63-68 (pdf)
A. Y. Yakubov.
Interpolation inequalities for norms of generalized h\"{o}lder type spaces defined by moduli of continuity of arbitrary positive orders, 145 (2007), 69-74 (pdf)
Hongwei Zhang, Haitao Cai and Lanzhe Liu.
Boundedness for Multilinear operators on Triebel-Lizorkin spaces, 145 (2007), 75-89 (pdf)


L. Ephremidze and N. Fujii.
The John-Nirenberg inequality for Ergodic systems, 145 (2007), 93-94 (pdf)
D. A. Kharazishvili.
Ergodic components and nonseparable extensions of invariant measures, 145 (2007), 95-99 (pdf)
V. Kokilashvili and A. Meskhi.
On two-weight criteria for maximal function in $L^{p(x)}$ spaces defined on an interval, 145 (2007), 100-102 (pdf)
V. Kokilashvili and V. Paatashvili.
The Riemann--Hilbert problem in domains with Piecewise-Smooth boundaries in classes of cauchy type integrals with density from $ L^{p(\cdot)}(\Gamma)$, 145 (2007), 103-108 (pdf)
V. Kokilashvili and S. Samko.
A general approach to weighted boundedness of operators of harmonic analysis in variable exponent Lebesgue spaces, 145 (2007), 109-116 (pdf)
R. Koplatadze.
On oscillatory properties of solutions of generalized Emden-Fowler type differential equations, 145 (2007), 117-121 (pdf)
N. Samko.
Parameter depending Bary-Steckin classes and local dimensions of measure metric spaces, 145 (2007), 122-129 (pdf)
Sh. Tetunashvili.
On the summability of Fourier trigonometric series of variable order, 145 (2007), 130-131 (pdf)