Proceedings of Tbilisi A. Razmadze Mathematical Institute

Table of Contents, v. 129, 2002

O. Dzagnidze.
Unilateral in Various Senses: the Limit, Continuity, Partial Derivative and the Differential for Functions of Two Variables, 129 (2002), 1-15 (pdf)
P. Jain, L. Persson and A. Wedestig.
Multidimensional Cochran and Lee Type Inequalities with Weights, 129 (2002), 17-27 (pdf)
D. N. Karasev, V. A. Nogin.
Estimates for the Acoustic Potentials and their Application, 129 (2002), 29-51 (pdf)
M. Khabazi.
Modular Weighted Inequalities for Partial Sums of Fourier-Vilenkin Series, 129 (2002), 53-63 (pdf)
M. Khabazi.
The Mean Convergence of Trigonometric Fourier Series in Weighted Orlicz Classes, 129 (2002), 65-75 (pdf)
M. Khabazi.
Weighted Orlicz Class Inequalities for Certain Fourier Operators, 129 (2002), 77-86 (pdf)
N. Koblishvili and M. Zakradze.
On Approximate Solution of Dirichlet Problem in the Case of Infinite Plane with Hole, 129 (2002), 87-98 (pdf)
V. A. Nogin and S. G. Samko.
Inversion and Characterization of Riesz Potentials in Weighted Spaces Via Approximative Inverse Operators, 129 (2002), 99-106 (pdf)
M. Okropiridze.
On One Property of a Conjugate Trigonometric Series, 129 (2002), 107-111 (pdf)
A. Ya. Yakubov.
Classes of Functions of Pseudo-Concave Type and Their Applications, 129 (2002), 113-128 (pdf)
M. Zakradze.
On one Modified Version of MFS for Conformal Mapping of Infinite Domain onto Unit Disk, 129 (2002), 129-141 (pdf)


V. Kokilashvili and S. Samko.
Maximal and Fractional Operators in Weighted L p(x) Spaces, 129 (2002), 145-149 (pdf)
V. Kokilashvili and S. Samko.
Singular Integrals and Potentials in Some Banach Function Spaces with Variable Exponent, 129 (2002), 150-155 (pdf)
A. Meskhi.
On a Measure of Non-compactness for the Riesz Transforms, 129 (2002), 156-157 (pdf)
G. Oniani.
On the Non-compactness of Maximal Operators, 129 (2002), 158-159 (pdf)
G. Oniani.
On A1-Weights for Maximal Operators Corresponding to Translation Invariant Bases Formed of Intervals, 129 (2002), 160-162 (pdf)