Proceedings of Tbilisi A. Razmadze Mathematical Institute

Table of Contents, v. 126, 2001

A. Baghdasaryan.
On One Approach to the Intersection Problem of Peetre, 126 (2001), 1-10 (pdf)
M. Benchohra and S. Ntouyas.
Existence Results on Noncompact Intervals for Functional Differential and Integrodifferential Inclusions in Banach Spaces, 126 (2001), 11-24 (pdf)
L. Gogolauri and N. Shavlakadze.
Contact Problem of Bending of a Rectangular Elastic Plate with an Elastic Inclusion, 126 (2001), 25-35 (pdf)
Z. Meshveliani.
The Neumann Problem in Domains with Piecewise Smooth Boundaries in Weight Classes of Harmonic Smirnov Type Functions, 126 (2001), 37-52 (pdf)
Z. Meshveliani and V. Paatashvili.
On the Dirichlet Problem in Smirnov Classes of Harmonic Functions, 126 (2001), 53-57 (pdf)
M. Mirianashvili and Z. Samsonia.
On the Calculation of Radii Connected with Some Quasi-conformal Mappings of Multiply-Connected Domains, 126 (2001), 59-64 (pdf)
O. Shindzhikashvili.
Application of the Methods of Analytic Functions to the Solution of Boundary Value Problems of Elasticity for a Non-homogeneous Half-Plane, 126 (2001), 65-74 (pdf)
A. Tsitskishvili.
Solution of a Problem of the Theory of Filtration Through a Plane Earth Dam (Coffer-dam) when Water Depth in a Downstream can be Neglected, 126 (2001), 75-96 (pdf)


I. Bukhnikashvili.
On an Approximate Solution of the Linear Operator Equation by Richardson's Cyclic Method, 126 (2001), 99-102 (pdf)
I. Gabisonija.
The Boudedness of Discrete Operators in Weighted Spaces, 126 (2001), 103-105 (pdf)
E. Gordadze.
On One Consequence of the Theorem on Weights, 126 (2001), 106-109 (pdf)
T. Kandelaki.
Algebraic and Topological Bivariant KK-Theories of C*-Algebras and their isomorphism, 126 (2001), 110-112 (pdf)
G. Lepsveridze.
To the Categorial Saks Theorem, 126 (2001), 113-116 (pdf)
G. Lepsveridze.
On the Growth Order Integral Means Functions from Orlicz Class LF(L)(R2), 126 (2001), 117-118 (pdf)
A. Meskhi.
Criteria of the Boundedness and Compactness for the Riemann-Liouville Type Discrete Operators, 126 (2001), 119-121 (pdf)
G. Oniani.
On a Strong Differentiation of Multiple Integrals Along Different Frames, II, 126 (2001), 122-125 (pdf)
G. Oniani.
On the Fourier-Haar Series Convergence with Respect to Sets which are Homothetic to the Given Set, 126 (2001), 126-128 (pdf)
Sh. Tetunashvili.
On Polynomials with Respect to Some Orthogomal Systems, 126 (2001), 129 (pdf)