Proceedings of Tbilisi A. Razmadze Mathematical Institute

Table of Contents, v. 123, 2000

A. Danelia.
Deformations of the Z(w2; L(Tm)) Classes, 123 (2000), 1-13 (pdf)
I. Dochviri.
On Some Properties of Semi-Compact and S-closed Bitopological Spaces, 123 (2000), 15-22 (pdf)
O. Dzagnidze.
A Necessary and Sufficient Condition for Differentiability Functions of Several Variables, 123 (2000), 23-29 (pdf)
G. Kapanadze.
Boundary Value Problem of Plate Banding for a Finite Doubly-Connected Region, 123 (2000), 31-40 (pdf)
L. Lazarashvili and M. Zakradze.
On the Method of Fundamental Solutions and Some Aspects of its Application, 123 (2000), 41-51 (pdf)
G. Lomadze.
On the Number of Representations of Positive Integers by a Direct Sum of Quaternary Quadratic Forms with Discriminant 192, 123 (2000), 53-59 (pdf)
Z. Meshveliani and V. Paatashvili.
On Smirnov Classes of Harmonic Functions, and the Dirichlet Problem, 123 (2000), 61-91 (pdf)
Z. Natsvlishvili, Z. Sanikidze and M. Zakradze.
On Conformal Mapping of a Unit Disk onto a Finite Domain, 123 (2000), 93-103 (pdf)
M. Okropiridze.
Symmetric Differentiability of Functions of Two Variables, 123 (2000), 105-115 (pdf)
Y. Rakotondratsimba.
Two-Dimensional Discrete Hardy Operators in Weighted Lebesgue Spaces with Mixed Norms, 123 (2000), 117-134 (pdf)
N. Shavlakadze.
Contact Problem of an Elastic Plane Strengthened by a Periodic System of Inclusions of Variable Rigidity, 123 (2000), 135-146 (pdf)


E. Gordadze.
On the Boundary Value Problem of Linear Conjugation in the Case of Non-Smooth Lines and Some Measurable Coefficients, 123 (2000), 149-151 (pdf)
G. Lepsveridze and D. Mchedlishvili.
Some Maximal Inequalities, 123 (2000), 152-155 (pdf)
G. Lepsveridze.
A Note on the Divergence of the Fejer Means of Multiple Trigonometric Fourier Series, 123 (2000), 156-158 (pdf)
G. Lepsveridze.
A note on the Zygmund's Problem of a Strong Differentiability. (English), 123 (2000), 159-161 (pdf)
A. Meskhi.
On the Measure of Non-Compactness and Singular Numbers for the Volterra Integral Operators, 123 (2000), 162-165 (pdf)