Proceedings of Tbilisi A. Razmadze Mathematical Institute

Table of Contents, v. 118, 1998

Academician Giorgi Chogoshvili
118 (1998), 1-2
C. Bardaro, J. Musielak and G. Vinti.
Some Modular Inequalities Related to the Fubini-Tonelli Theorem, 118 (1998), 3-19 (pdf)
G. Berikelashvili.
On the Rate of Convergence of the Difference Solution of the Bending Problem of the Orthotropic Plates, 118 (1998), 21-32 (pdf)
M. Jibladze.
Lower Bagdomain as a Glueing, 118 (1998), 33-41 (pdf)
E. Khmaladze.
On Cohomology Monoids of Small Categories, 118 (1998), 43-51 (pdf)
G. Khuskivadze.
On the Derivative of a Conformally Mapping Function, 118 (1998), 53-64 (pdf)
S. Kukudzhanov.
Eigenoscillations of Preliminarily Twisted shells of Revolution Close to Cylindrical Ones, 118 (1998), 65-72 (pdf)
N. Lazrieva and T. Toronjadze.
Robust Estimators in Statistical Models Associated with Semimartingales, 118 (1998), 73-100 (pdf)
G. Lomadze.
On Some Entire Modular Forms of Half-Integral Weight for the Congruence Group G0(4N), 118 (1998), 101-109 (pdf)
B. Magradze.
Analytic Approach to Perturbative Quantum Chromodynamics and the Lambert w Function., 118 (1998), 111-115 (pdf)
M. Nowak.
Mackey Topologies of Orlicz-Bochner Spaces, 118 (1998), 117-126 (pdf)
M. Okropiridze.
Symmetrically Continuous Functions of Two Variables, 118 (1998), 127-134 (pdf)
M. Shashiashvili.
On the Excursion Intervals away from the Boundary for the Reflected Brownian Motions, 118 (1998), 135-146 (pdf)
O. Shindzhikashvili.
On One Contact Problem of the Non-Homogeneous Ttheory of Elasticity, 118 (1998), 147-157 (pdf)